Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Lavender Bags

I made these lavender bags for my sister Louise's Christmas, using material bought from John Lewis and crocheted flowers which I found in Ikea's fabulous fabrics and sewing department. The ribbons and buttons came from my sewing box ( I always save the ribbons I cut off the inside of dresses).
Louise loves all things bright and prefers blues and greens, but I  also added in pinks to make it a bit different and to tie in the material from John Lewis that I loved. 
To make one, I cut out two CD sized circles from  the material and sewed a ribbon loop on to one circle with a button to disguise my amateurish sewing. I pinned both circles together inside out, with the crocheted flower in between the two layers. I then sewed the three parts together, leaving a small gap to turn the bag right side out again. Before sewing the bag up, I stuffed it with cotton wool pads and dried lavender ( not from my garden, sadly there just wasn't enough at this time of year- I'll have to plan ahead next time) and then stitched up the hole. Finally, I decorated the outer of one the bags with three matching buttons.

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