Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Woodland Scene - Spring/ Summer Makeover!

 Belle is obsessed with spotting blossom trees at the moment ( we have a pink one in our garden) and after a visit to Tyninghame House Garden open day on Sunday, we were inspired to give our woodland scene a seasonal makeover, to add a bit of life and colour to it.
The only things we needed were various colours of tissue paper, some green pipe cleaners, plasticine and PVA glue. It was quick, easy and simple for Isabel to carry out each stage ( even making the bluebells and daffodils by carefully gluing tissue paper 'flowers' to the pipe cleaner 'stalks'). The flowers were then stuck down and held upright with plasticine blobs. The 'blossom' was made by scrunching small pieces of tissue paper and then gluing them on to the twigs.

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