Monday, 8 November 2010

Display Frame

This is a frame to display some of Isabel's art work in. The frame is a cheap, black, plastic one from IKEA, which I didn't like very much so I decided to decorate it. I got Isabel to help with gluing on the animal pictures, which I cut out of wrapping paper, and I glued on the letterings which spell out GLUE, PAINT, DRAW, WRITE. These were just typed in different fonts on a Word document and then printed out. The whole frame was then covered in a layer of glue afterwards to seal it.

I'm not that impressed with the final result, as I still don't like the black background of the frame and the glue looks a bit messy in places, but I'm pleased to have somewhere to put Isabel's drawings and paintings for now and she really enjoyed helping Mummy to make the frame too. It also gave us somewhere to put the much-cherished drawing that big cousin Anna sent to her last week.

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